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Pete Quaid

Artist in Residence

April 2022

"The human soul needs beauty as the body needs nourishment.   Beauty causes a satisfying emotional response and comes in many forms; all of our senses can detect it.  Fortunately, we are surrounded by it.  Beauty is everywhere - from the shape of an oak leaf to the grandeur of a mountain.  Light reveals beauty, and there are so many forms of light…the soft morning rays of sunlight, the diffused brilliance of a cloudy day and the golden glow of a sunset reveal ever-changing ways to view our environment.  Accurately portraying light with paint on the surface of an object both challenges and satisfies me.  The making of art should be a pursuit of excellence, one that inspires and evokes appreciation. Understanding color, values and composition, combined with drawing skills and being able to manipulate the medium in a way that captivates the viewer are the marks of fine craftsmanship. "

-Pete Quaid

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