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Gerald Haddock founded the Haddock Center, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, to promote art, education, and scholarship in the community, focusing on the preservation, study, and analysis of the paintings of Stanhope Alexander Forbes. Forbes was the father of the Newlyn School, which depicted a revolution in British Impressionism. Forbes was a plein air painter who found beauty in the ordinary. He worked outdoors and painted scenes from the everyday lives of the working class. His work captures the struggles and joys of the human spirit.

However the work of Forbes and other artists from the Newlyn School had been largely forgotten until recently. According to an article in the Western Morning News, the works Forbes and other artists of the Newlyn School were not highly prized paintings; many of the works were "stripped from frames and discarded or allowed to decay." 

Once the Tate Gallery in London reappraised the Newlyn artists in the mid-1970's, interest in the Newlyn School has grown and continues to grow. In June 2000 one of Forbes paintings was sold at an auction for £1.1 million, a record price for any of his works.

Antique Dealer and Collectors Guide noticed the rising popularity of paintings from the Newlyn School. An article in the December issue notes that the paintings by Newlyn artists are rapidly becoming more desirable for art lovers and collectors. The article includes a Forbes painting owned by Gerald Haddock,  Son of Sea, which (at the time of publication) had quadrupled in value since its purchase. The excitement and interest in the Newlyn School has only grown stronger over the years.

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Board of Directors:

Gerald Haddock, Chairman

Diane Haddock, President

Russell Haddock

Ronnie Lee, Accounting

James Morris

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