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Art Cures All

Exciting things are happening at the Haddock Center.  We are not to be deterred from our mission even in the face of the deadly Covid-19 virus.  We appreciate that our community needs a time and a place to rise out of the depressing events facing us and find hope and beauty.  The Haddock Center, like no other art house, has the ability to provide beauty and hope and remain in compliance with CDC guidelines and local mandates.  While the inside of the Center is large enough to accommodate social distancing and we require masks, the outside is just as beautiful.  For that reason, we have taken the opportunity to expand the center to the lower gardens and the boat dock.  The entire area has been given a facelift.  The multilevel dock will safely accommodate many people to experience the views while the lower dock will accommodate more marine vehicles to experience the vast beauty of the lake. Also added for the patrons enjoyment is a golfing area for putting, driving, sand traps and chipping.  These added experiences will enable the art goer to make the Haddock Center a destination that provides not only beauty but also fun and hope for all generations.

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