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David Gibson

Artist in Residence

August 2020

"When I begin a new painting, whether it’s a preconceived idea that is telling a story or a instantaneous flow of lines, shapes and color, I am facing a blank white canvas. It develops and progresses gradually while I am in pursuit of abstract qualities found in natural organic or man made structural objects. I think in my paintings that design elements are the first foundation I organize. The relationships between forms make a dynamic that holds the whole together. One form relates to another, moving in and out through a community of shapes, all equally important. The connections are intertwined to make a balanced whole. The importance of light and dark is also a prime consideration.  In landscapes, light comes from behind, or from on high, suffusing the whole.  In abstract work, I think of that but have even more freedom – often light can come from within the shapes and objects created. I will not feel I have finished a work until all elements have satisfied my sense of completeness."

-David Gibson


Kansas City Art Institute, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1972

Gallery Exhibitions and Art Shows:
2016 “Preservation is the Art of the City” Juried show 2015 “Preservation is the Art of the City” Juried Show 2015 “100 Years of Painting” Race Street Pop Up
2014 “Preservation is the Art of the City” Juried Show,
Winner John Mason Award
2013 “Preservation is the Art of the City” Juried Show 2012 “Hunting Art Prize” Finalist
2012 “Preservation is the Art of the City” Juried Show 2011 “Preservation is the Art of the City“ Juried Show 2008 “Preservation is the Art of the City” Juried Show 2007 “Art in the Metroplex” T.C.U. Juried Show,
winner Vance Award
2007 “Texas Artist Coalition” Juried Show
2006 “Preservation is the Art of the City” Juried Show 2006 Solo Exhibit Heliotrope Gallery
2005 Solo Exhibit Heliotrope Gallery
2005 Group Exhibit Philip Combs
2004 Group Exhibit Philip Combs
2003 Solo Exhibit Philip Combs
1992 Solo Exhibit Dutch Phillips Gallery

Collections and Commissions:
Botanic Gardens Restaurant Mural Ft. Worth, Texas Autobahn Dealership Ft. Worth, Texas
Acme Brick Corporate Offices Ft. Worth, Texas
Law Offices Gerald Haddock Ft. Worth, Texas
Patrick Media Corporate Offices

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