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Donna Miller

Artist in Residence

September 2023

“Capturing images of God’s incredible creation has always been a passion of mine. But, to be honest, I was very disappointed when my faithful 35mm “bit the dust” and I was shoved, kicking and screaming into the world of digital photography. But now, I can't imagine having to wait for the developing of my film to see what I just captured. Not to mention the cost of buying and processing rolls of film! 

A full-time job keeps me from exploring the many additional facets of photography that I would like to. But there is no thrill like that of capturing one of God's creatures in such a way that allows others to experience the “awe” of what He has created. The camera catches split-second segments of time that frequently go totally unnoticed. My husband and I love exploring nature together.

Our adventures have given us a deeper love for the Creator of this magnificent, beautiful universe.” - Donna Miller

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