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Cynthia Miller

Artist in Residence

February 2022

Music: Tonic for the Soul 

by Cynthia Ann Miller


What would life be like without music? I can’t imagine it. Music enriches our life journey, beginning with our “song” and culminating in a majestic “symphony” unique to each of us. Music enlivens all the senses, elevates our spirits, and penetrates our hearts and our souls in times of joy and despair, light and darkness. It’s a privilege for me to connect with people through music. I love to entertain them by playing the piano, to brighten their days, to bring them a smile, and to offer a beautiful experience diverting them from cares and worries. Life with music -- all around us -- is a cherished blessing. 


Poem:  The Piano   

by Cynthia Ann Miller


Like animal dancing

The velvet ivory

Seesawed with streaks of night

Is a striped picket path.



Wild zebra, prancing

Your magic song of flight. 

Cynthia edit copy photo 2019 .jpg
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