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Artist in Residence Program

Artists across the globe are invited to the Haddock Center to receive inspiration, sanctuary, sabbatical, or practice their crafts. The Haddock Center will provide all the amenities of a luxury resort. Perched high above the lake with views that stretch miles, every artist will find inspiration in the surroundings, the solitude, and the clear sky.  Residence is reserved in four-night increments and the Haddock Center makes every attempt to accommodate selected artists’ schedules and needs.  Application for the Artist in Residence Program should be made through Diane Haddock, President at  Any application should include a short informative paragraph about the artist, a sample of work, or a plan for how acceptance to the program will improve art appreciation in the community or the art world.  The Haddock Center welcomes any application and art medium; however, application does not guarantee acceptance. 

Review of our Artist in Residence Program:

The Haddock Center is quite perfect.  It is beautiful, elegant and yet welcoming and cozy. . .that's not an easy combination to create, but I suspect is a natural reflection of your character. I would never have thought that impressionist art would blend so well with southwestern and modern decor, rustic decor, touches and flourishes of Victorian and other classical decor elements.  I would almost call the Haddock Center the land of a thousand still lives.  Around every corner is something of delight all in addition to the beautiful paintings.  The Haddock Center is a work of art and of love. . .well done!

I'm definitely going to do at least a few Old Masters Copies from those paintings.  I'm still only painting part-time, so I'll have to choose carefully.  One of my favorites is La Thangue's painting of the water carrier (I don't recall the exact name) over the fireplace in the living room.  The lighting is very reminiscent of Sorolla, although they may have been his contemporaries rather than successors . . .maybe he got the idea from the Newlyn School artists!

I read through your personal history albums.  It looks to me like the Haddock Center has two intertwining histories of great merit. The first is the history of the Newlyn School, its painters and models.  The second is the building of the collection.  What an elegant intellectual, emotional and spiritual dance.  It's like a waterfall of meaning echoing through generations.  Quite delightful!

And all of that wrapped in an environment of luxury, comfort and amusement that does not devolve to ostentation.  Wow!

I am flooded with visions and inspirations.  I am going to share those with you in some follow up emails.  Please do not feel obligated to respond to any of them in depth unless you really want and have time to.  Just pull from them anything that you find useful and discard the rest.  I always have more ideas and am happy to waste those that don't serve.  My objective is to serve, not create a burden or command attention.

With greatest admiration,
Gail  Spurlock

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